Dance Alchemy Teacher Training


The Purpose of this Training

The purpose of this training is to learn the alchemy of transformation, for your life, and work with others. It is a body-centered therapy. It is meditation in action.


is it for?

The training is perfect for you if:

  • You want a full immersion, transforming experience, addressing many levels of life’s challenges and gifts.
  • You do any kind of self-help, spiritual or coaching work with people, and would like to make the work you already do more powerful and effective.
  • You would like to become a Dance Alchemy teacher, or individual session practitioner, or work with powerful alchemy in your own way!


does it


Training Part I

5 Weekends (half days) Friday-Sunday

October 15 - November 13 2022

The 60+ hour training will be presented in 5 weekends.

2 hours each Friday, 5 hours Saturday and Sunday, with a 30 min. break

Plus a 1 hour follow-up meeting each week, and homework with a partner.

If you have to miss a group session, you can make it up through the video recording sent after each training day.

Training Part II and Part III

Training Part II and Part III to be scheduled later


10-12 PST (Pacific)

12-2 CST, 1-3 EST

7-9 CEST (Central European time)

8-10 Russia and Saudi Arabia time


8-1 PST (Pacific)

20-2 CST, 1-3 EST

5-9 CEST (Central European time)

6-10 Russia and Saudi Arabia time


8-1 PST (Pacific)

20-2 CST, 1-3 EST

5-9 CEST (Central European time)

6-10 Russia and Saudi Arabia time

Dance Alchemy Teacher Training Part 1

Module 1

The Power of the Heart

You will:

  • Learn the transforming power of the heart, which is the foundation for working with people and for life, and is the basis of Dance Alchemy.
  • Learn the essential elements of the alchemy of transformation.

Module 2

Dancing the Seven Chakras

You will:

  • Learn how each of your seven chakras takes care of a different area of your life, and be able to start dissolving the limiting energy patterns, beliefs, and wounds you have in each of these areas, through Dance Alchemy.
  • Receive not only mental knowledge, but an embodied understanding of Dance Alchemy as you go through the process.
  • Receive an understanding of how issues are held in the body-mind system, and how Dance Alchemy can work energetically, physically, emotionally and mentally to unwind and dissolve these limiting patterns.

Module 3

Energy Reading & Giving Sessions

You will:

  • Learn the basics of a transformational individual session using Dance Alchemy, including practice sessions in energy reading, so you can feel confident to begin practicing with others.
  • Learn to identify, describe and read energies, so you can be more aware of how the body speaks.
  • Sharpen your intuition and awareness so you can relate more clearly, and see what is happening in yourself and others.

Between Part I and Part II, I will be supporting you through online meetings as you discover how the alchemy can work in daily life, and in practice sessions. These meetings will be included in the price of the training.

Dance Alchemy Teacher Training Part 2

You will:

  • Go through a powerful Inner Child process, which gives you a deep connection with the beauty of your original self and increased self-love and acceptance.
  • Learn new ways instead of old strategies for dealing with your feelings.
  • Discover compassion – the real healing force – so you can be and work with others.
  • Learn the metaphysics of the energy bodies to increase your ability to work with movement and energy.
  • Learn about the structure and flow of a class, so that you can create your own classes or events with 6-15 or more people.

Between Part II and III, you will be ready to start leading your first classes, and you will have the opportunity to enroll in an internship with my guidance as you practice leading classes. The internship will allow me to support you as you share what is difficult for you, and to review your recorded classes to give you feedback and ideas so you can become a better and better teacher.

Dance Alchemy Teacher Training Part 3

You will:

  • Discover your own creative gifts, merits and abilities, so you can develop your own style and way of working with people.
  • Learn and practice different possibilities of working with movement, dance, and the body.
  • Practice designing and leading structures in workshops.
  • Learn to create your own workshops and groups, and lead a longer process, such as a half-day or weekend workshop, or an ongoing weekly process.


To have a full certification to practice Dance Alchemy, you need to complete 3 parts of the training. In which I will give you a solid foundation in inner alchemy, human energy centers and a deep transformational process for yourself.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion after Parts I and II.

What participants say?

Dhyan Mandana


Maneesha's Dance Alchemy training is a multi-leveled process, that teaches us how to deeply accept, love and transform ourselves while we learn how to work with others, transmitting the peace and silence that come from the heart.

The Alchemy of transformation happens in the most natural and spontaneous way: dancing! Finally our body takes center stage and shares its wisdom, its energy and beauty. It is a deep, intense, joyful, playful process and I cannot believe how much I have learnt... and changed.

Prem Geetesha


I am deeply impressed by this work, it looks "easy", juicy and playfull, but I feel deep understanding of how the human being "works" behind it.

It is honest. When I really put my energy in the dance, I cannot fully control it anymore, it starts to reveal my truth. WOW, it speaks, and it is looking for healing.

It is playful!!! for me it was a big insight that its possible to step into my challenging pain with this childlike creativity, playfulness, it is instantly less serious and in the same time more honest and deep. And it is easier to move there.

Dhyan Nigama (Rita Anzellini)


When I met Maneesha for the first time in 2006, I was a practicioner of dancetherapy and used to dance a lot.

But with Maneesha I found a very different way to stay tuned with body-emotions-sensations, flowing with the very present moment, with no mind interferences. Through her I met the Master and for me His presence is manifest in all the work Maneesha does.

It's a very inspired work, joyful, pleasent even in its more difficult aspects, when I faced with the harder parts of my character. It went deeper and deeper, giving me permission to recover my hidden treasures and be more authentic.

Chintana Seppä


Maneesha has an excellent talent to guide us to feel our heart. She is guiding us with her sensitive voice and inspiring energy to let our heart space to expand and to dance freely.

I disappeared into the dance and enjoyed it fully. Thanks to her training of Dance Alchemy I have learned the precious gift to transform “negative” energies through dancing.



Maneesha was a tremendous guide throughout this entire process. She really threw her heart and soul into this journey! Through the parameters of intensity, emotion and awareness I was able to uncover deeply held beliefs and understand old patterns. This was an experience unlike any other I’ve had through meditation. I consider myself fortunate to have been part of this group. Can’t wait for the next adventure with her!

Dhyana Vargas


Since the very first moment Dance Alchemy touched something deep in me. I was surprised how quick I got in touch with my feelings and connected with my heart. I have resolved life issues in the easiest, fastest and most mysterious, and fun way. This training has been of great support for my personal transformation as well as for my work.


Part I price: $799

Earlybird discount: $750 (pay in full by July 20 2022)

Pay $300 deposit to reserve your place.

For those in financial difficulty a sliding scale may be possible.


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